NON ZERO RATIO symbolizes beautiful reason.


RATIO refers to the use of reason, logic as the basic element of problem-solving. Synonyms: common sense, clear thinking, critical thinking, rigorous thinking.

NON ZERO refers to game theory, more specifically non zero sum games, and implies the type of behaviour (win-win) to be applied while endorsing long-term stable solutions.

NON ZERO RATIO thus refers to thinking in a win-win framework.

Metaphorically, NON ZERO is a barred zero, and represented by the capital Greek symbol Phi :

Phi, the golden ratio

Phi also represents the golden ratio, the number to which the famous Fibonacci series converges, that is frequently referred to as a number of beauty. This number is ubiquiteous in nature, and famous for instance for the sun flower pit arrangement.

NON ZERO RATIO and its grey symbol NON ZERO (Phi) refer to beautiful (win-win) reasoning using our grey matter.